Social Impact's Final Evaluation of ReSAKSS Published on USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse

Social Impact's final evaluation of the ReSAKSS network was published on USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC). I co-authored this report with Dr. Sarah Tisch (Team Leader), Dennis Marotta (Deputy Team Leader), Julie Mandolini-Trummel (Evaluation Specialist). You can read the evaluation here.

The Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (ReSAKSS) supports the implementation of the African Union (AU) Comprehensive African Agriculture Programme (CAADP) at the continental, regional, and country levels throughout Africa. ReSAKSS was created to provide technical policy and data analysis assistance and support to the AUC, regional economic communities (RECs), and country-level government entities responsible for the agricultural sector, notably ministries of agriculture. For this evaluation, I collected and analyzed data in Rwanda, Nigeria and Senegal, and contributed to the writing of this report.