Quoted in Foreign Policy Magazine: The Blood Cries Out

My work on land conflicts in Burundi was quoted by Jillian Keenan in Foreign Policy Magazine.

The Blood Cries Out: Murder and Malthus in Africa’s Great Lakes

"Ethnic tensions, however, are only part of the puzzle in Burundi’s land crisis. Poor farming families are straining the country’s limited ground space. About two-thirds of Burundians live in poverty, and families often have several male heirs who are forced to share plots of earth that barely fit a home and a few rows of crops. As a result, according to research conducted by land-rights consultant Kelsey Jones-Casey, '[T]he most destructive conflicts experienced by rural people in Burundi are intra-family disputes, most of which manifest over the issue of inheritance.' Violence sometimes occurs within polygamous families, with sons born by different mothers fighting for finite land. In Muramvya, people speak in low voices about a woman who slit her husband’s throat to accelerate a land inheritance for her son."